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Ssbbw weigh in


My First Weigh - In! I've lived with Brianna for 4 months now, and I've come to the decision that I want to gain some weight!


How could I not, living with someone who's gained over pounds the last few years. Watch me in my pink bikini, talk about my goal, and how i've come to the decision to gain because of my lovely Ssbbw weigh in and mentor Bri ssbbwBrianna.

I admire how huge she is, and how much she eats, and I find myself eating more, because i see her eat so much. I talk about it all! Filmed November 30th It's been a month and half since my last visit to the scale.

Brianna "Ssbbw weigh in" I have really been indulging in so many late night fast food runs and holiday treats. The number on the scale shocked me, i hadn't checked my weight since my last weigh - in obviously!

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I was thinking maybe i gained "a few" pounds. Well, I put on quite a bit Ssbbw weigh in than a few pounds. I couldn't believe it honestly. Can't wait for you to watch this little piggy grow for you and get to the big just around the corner!

Fat Foreplay and Makeout Pt. I couldn't help myself. I had to take his pants off first thing. It's been a few weeks since we've seen each otherso I was really horny. Lots of kissing while his hands explore Ssbbw weigh in of my sexy soft fat rolls.

I'm so big that he could barely wrap his arms around my massive round body. There is only a few inches difference between us, but I am so fat compared to his small frame. My ass is so sexy in this video. Really great views of all of my cellulite on my giant ass and thighs.