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Quid pro quo non-sexual harassment


Needhamthe plaintiff is a male employee who claims he was fired because he would not have sex with his female direct supervisor, who was also a shareholder of the business. In general, two forms of sexual harassment are evaluated by federal courts. EllerthU.

Although these two claims have distinct labels, the federal appellate court in Jones v. See EllerthU. Rather, they are shorthand descriptors to delineate different ways in which sexual harassment can occur.

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DalyF. Needham Trucking argued that the facts Jones alleged in his EEOC charge were insufficient to put the company on notice of his intent to raise the quid pro quo harassment claim in his federal court complaint.

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Article By Eric Bachman. Tuesday, May 23, When the media report on workplace sexual harassment issues, they sometimes refer to quid pro quo discrimination.

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While the approximate. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is one important category of workplace sexual harassment and non-sexual harassment--can be anyone: supervisors.

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