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Tai chi classes nearby


Tai chi is an activity that can not only keep you fit and healthy but help you relax and de-stress too.

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You may hear it referred to as called tai chi chuan, but even if the name is slightly different, the activity is the same. Tai chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements.

People of all ages and abilities can practise tai chi.

Lots of the movements used in tai chi can also be adapted for those who have disabilities or use wheelchairs. Tai chi can offer a real lift to your health and wellness.

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A lot of the movements used are designed to make you feel calm, reduce stress and centre yourself. Tai chi is usually done as part of class in your community. This is great if you only want to give it a try without committing yourself.

There are plenty of places that do tai chi classes in and around Liverpool. Click here to find local classes near you. Find a local class and go along for a look. You can also take a look at some online videos or books on the subject to get a feel for it.

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This may even give you a head start in class when you start to learn the different movements and techniques. Is tai chi the right fit for me?

Is this suitable for me? How will it benefit me?

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How much will it cost me? Can I do this near me? How do I start?

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