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Bisexuality questionnaire


You may measure your Bisexuality questionnaire cred by the amount of times you've strolled into the diner that "never close[s]" as the sign sayssidled up to the bar, ordered a drink, and received a shot of ouzo on the house — without blinking, looking sideways, or feeling the need to keep an open line to flee for the exit.

But Bisexuality questionnaire core premise -- that scientific research is still wrestling with the existence of bisexuality, especially in men -- is fairly ridiculous when one considers all the real, tangible, and well-documented oppressions faced by bisexuals.

With that in mind, here are some better questions we think science should be asking about bisexuality. Bisexuals don't go around asking straight people if they're "confused" or going through a "phase.

With that in mind, here...

Coming out as Bisexuality questionnaire for the most part is not met with a chorus of "nuh uh! But this isn't the case for bisexuality. Why do we think all bi men are "closet-cases" and bi women are "lesbians until graduation"?

Part of is has to do with stereotypes, of course, but it's a curious conundrum nonetheless, especially when you consider that more Americans believe in angels and Santa Claus than bisexuals.

We call this our "Bisexuality...

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that bisexual women were more likely Bisexuality questionnaire suffer from depression, stress, and were prone to binge-drinking than their straight or gay counterparts. Again, invisibility and stigma are thought to play a role in these findings, but why are Bisexuality questionnaire risk factors higher in those who are attracted to more than one gender?

Why are bi women far more likely to be "Bisexuality questionnaire," assaulted, and raped by their partners? Bisexual women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted as straight women and lesbians, according to a CDC study from And almost half of bi women have been raped. This is horrifying and alarming, far more so than dating woes, which is one of the few nods to bisexual women's problems in the NYT piece.

Why then does an inordinate amount of bisexual scrutiny come from those under the rainbow umbrella? An American Public Health Association survey found that: Why does the queer community, which prides pun intended itself on inclusivity, then deny, reject, or ridicule its queer brethren? Within those findings, bisexuals were almost twice as likely to be on food stamps as Ls and Gs: Very likely correlating with the food stamps question above is the question of the overall health of bisexual people, which is poor.

A study from Psychological Science puts it blandly, yet bluntly:. If being out is integral to better Bisexuality questionnaire health, how do we foster an environment where bisexuals can come out? Research in the Bisexuality questionnaire Journal of Orthopsychiatry Vol. So how do we apply this to bisexuals? When can we stop endlessly writing hand-wringing articles positing whether bisexuals exist? She'll tweet you right. News Sucka Free City.

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