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Typographic matchmaking fonts


Typographic Matchmaking hurl cadre of reader overlie -. The Khatt Raison d'etre selected and invited five reputation Dutch designers and matched each complete of them with an established and upcoming Arab draughtsman. The absolute power of the engagement is to speech the modernisation of Arabic school-book faces that can lend enterprise solutions appropriate for plain Arabic fonts that cooler the concomitant envisage requirements in the Arab earth namely also in behalf of publications and fresh digital media applications.

Typographic Matchmaking workshop - Workshop and laboring sessions with the designers and khatt offshoots. The Typographic Matchmaking plan was foremost discussed with a fraction of Dutch designers midst the ATypI colloquium in Prague in September of Mainly, and developed thus into a work up with a defined and hard-nosed delineation extract briefly. Five well-known Dutch designers were invited and each was teamed-up with an established or upcoming Arab artist.

The participating designers formed the following teams: The endorse challenges of that plan were reduce humbling.

As the world moves forward towards a more international design society, the need for fonts that can support multi-scripts becomes imperative. Technology is now capable of supporting many scripts on one and the same device, and across a range of computer platforms.

However, the design of such large and international font families is still in its infancy. This book goes beyond presenting this unique intercultural project, to demystify the design process behind creating Arabic digital fonts. The five projects discussed in this book, pose questions around the aesthetic and technical issues of creating Arabic fonts as companions to Latin ones, thus addressing modern communication needs in the Arab world.

This book serves as both a concise guide and a source of inspiration for modern Arabic type designs. Typographic Matchmaking is conceived to address the specific educational informational goal of presenting the process behind researching and designing an Arabic typeface within the strict limitations of the design brief.

The idea is to study and explore what collaboration between two designers from different design and cultural backgrounds can lead to and what are the issues that surface from such a unique design experiment. The discussions and results from this project should provide some concrete observations about the differences and shared principles between these two seemingly opposite scripts and cultures.

The learning experience of the designers involved in this project can also provide insight to other designers interested or involved in similar design projects. Judging from the way design is heading, the problems that design has to resolve in our multi-cultural societies will most likely increase and cross-cultural communication will become an essential part of everyday design practice for most.

This documentation intends to go beyond the mere visual presentation of the final refined product the matching Arabic fonts in order to outline what will hopefully become lasting lessons in multi-cultural design collaborations. Babemark

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Typographic Matchmaking project detail of book cover -. This latter condition created an interesting balance of expertise within each team and lead to productive inter-dependencies between the partners whereby each had new things to learn from this experimental project. The discussions and results from this project should provide some concrete observations about the differences and shared principles between these two seemingly opposite scripts and cultures.

The experiments, problems, and developments encountered during the research and design process of each team raised some questions hopefully to be further investigated in later projects and by other designers , provided some solutions and demystified the design and production process of Arabic type. Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib The 3rd edition of the multi-script typographic research project of the Khatt Foundation. The workshop will consist of: The Typographic Matchmaking project was first discussed with a number of Dutch designers during the ATypI conference in Prague in September of , and developed accordingly into a project with a defined and practical design brief.

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  • The Typographic Matchmaking Building cultural bridges with typeface design. 1. Introduction. State of existing Arabic...
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  • The goals of the Typographic Matchmaking projects are to nurture cultural dialogue and help...
  • Typographic Matchmaking - Khatt Foundation
  • Typographic Matchmaking project detail of book cover -.
  • huda smitshuijzen abifarès: interview / typographic matchmaking in the city
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  • fonts from typographic matchmaking in the city were used in saadiyat island cultural district master plans surrounding zaha hadid's proposal for. Building cultural bridges with typeface design. Share The Typographic Matchmaking project was initiated by the Khatt Foundation (Amsterdam), in April
  • The Typographic Matchmaking 01 project - Khatt Foundation

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Building cultural bridges with typeface design

Women as the visual gender? Typographic Matchmaking: Building cultural bridges with typeface design [Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Typographic Matchmaking Building cultural bridges with typeface design. 1. Introduction. State of existing Arabic Fonts..


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Beginning Graphic Design: Typography

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Improving Web and Mobile App Typography - 5 basic guidelines

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