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Gayoon and kikwang dating games


Junhyung wears the glasses Yoseob gave him often. On that day, they rubbed their weary eyes and showed their love and loyalty to him even though they had things scheduled until 6 AM before that.

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A fan went to a B2ST fan meeting twice, bringing an entire chicken. The members used the chicken to make baeksook. B2ST was involved in a car accident after a Music Core broadcast.

Luckily, it was a minor accident and nobody was hurt. The biggest fight the B2ST members have ever had was between Junhyung and Hyunseung over a cereal box.

Doojoon asked Dongwoon if he had anything to say. All of the members are bad drinkers.

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They only drink occasionally. During an interview, Doojoon made Junhyung hold up all of his hands and feet. Rather than writing about anything in particular, Junhyung prefers to write about his personal thoughts or worries.

He would write about love as well, even though people expect him not to. Since the members in B2ST are around the same age, there are no hyungs. Everyone is treated the same. Junhyung blamed Dongwoon as the reason why he used to always get edited out on screens. Doojoon is the father and Junhyung is the mother of the group.

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Yoesob admits to being the son. Hyunseung and Gikwang get the least sleep at night. They spend all their time on the computer. Yoseob and Gikwang both went to Ahyun High School. Dongwoon loved to dress in Bohemian style.

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Junhyung even thought that he was Jack Sparrow. Junhyung was shocked to find out that Dongwoon was the maknae. He thought Dongwoon was much older than him. The members each have different colored toothbrushes.

Junhyung likes to arrange them according to the rainbow. Gikwang and Doojoon major in broadcast entertainment. Junhyung and Hyunseung major in music. Junhyung and Hyunseung sleep next to each other.

Doojoon and Yoseob sleep next to each other. They always use their colorful polka-dotted blankets. During the early days Gayoon and kikwang dating games their debut, the B2ST members thought Dongwoon was the weirdest. They agree not to meet up, and end up talking on the phone. They dig their nose on award shows, on stage, during fansings, during filming, and during radio shows.

Junhyung finds it troublesome when Doojoon leaves and he has to take the leader position. The B2ST members think Yoseob looked the weirdest before debut because of his hair. He just wanted one. According to Hyunseung, the anxiety from their debut stage was like carrying bags of sand.

Dongwoon wants all the members to go to the hot springs together while holding hands.

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When the B2ST members are bored or stressed out, they talk and play board games. The only video game they have is soccer. The B2ST members have now grown very comfortable on variety shows. "Gayoon and kikwang dating games" feel like they used to be quiet and awkward. Rather than achieving their plans alone, the B2ST members would rather achieve their goals as a group.

Doojoon even freaked out when they were out of cotton swabs. Junhyung told Dongwoon to keep his mouth shut on camera. Because of Dongwoon, Junhyung keeps getting edited out. The members, especially Junhyung, used to think Dongwoon used to look like Jack Sparrow.

Doojoon — a girl that knows how to play soccer, well manner, pretty personality and likes his parents. Doojoon ideal girl is also someone who captivates him at first glance. Junhyung — a tall girl with swag, knows how to dance. Junhyung ideal girl is someone with sharp wits and laid back personality. Hyunseung — a girl with a pretty head?

Yoseob — a girl with long hair and fair white skin. Kikwang — a girl that laughs pretty and has a Gayoon and kikwang dating games of humor members say his standards are low. Dongwoon — a cute and pretty girl, well mannered, looks pretty when she ties her hair. Dongwoon wants his ideal girl to have a compatible personality as his.

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