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Boone pickens married toni brinker dating


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T. Boone and Toni (Brinker)...

Boone Pickens is 85 year-old, an age at which most people have long since stopped working and are generally taking it easy. What do we learn?

Two sets of 20 squats while wearing a pound weight vest. A couple of sets of pound pull-downs. Aboard his Gulfstream G, T Boone Pickens—legendary trader, corporate raider, energy visionary and billion-dollar philanthropist—slides off his shoes and reaches down to grab his feet. Pulling his legs up onto the thick leather seat, he tucks himself into lotus position, as if getting ready to meditate.

Physical strength, stamina, ability. Rediscovering life at 85 [Forbes].

Their age difference is about the same as the age of the internet's newest porn star — Kate Upton. Yeah, she must take the ole' zimmer frame to bed with her. Not talking about the husband either.

This land is his land

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She donated to Mitt Romney's...

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