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Uomo d affari yahoo dating


Discorsi senza senso o inopportuni, contenuti per adulti, spam, insulti ad altri iscritti, visualizza altro. Musica e intrattenimento Oroscopo. Is this normal Capricorn behavior? Been dating this Capricorn man for about 9 months, we are crazy about each other we are both in our late late 30's. I just found out his X wife whom he divorced about 3 years ago he married when she was Just thought that was weird that he would marry someone with a 16 year age difference, we are 6 years Just thought that was weird that he would marry someone with a 16 year age difference, we are 6 years apart in age.

We have amazing chemistry in every way but our relationship is so completely different than what he shared with him and his X, I know it doesn't matter, that's all in the past, but me and his X are totally different in every way! Is that normal for a Capricorn to make such a big change in someone Uomo d affari yahoo dating date? Sei sicuro di voler eliminare questa risposta? No totally not right behavior. They would usually go the opposite and start dating a women twice their age.

Unless he is not in touch with his stars. I'd say hes really off the planet. Maybe his body is on Saturn and his head is in Uranus.

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How can you both Uomo d affari yahoo dating in your late 30's if there is 6 years difference? If he is late 30 say 39 and he been devorced for 3 years he was married only for 2 years, thats short how long will you stay together? Don't sterotype people on there stars we are all individuals. Capricorns are known fro dating people outside of their age range. Perhaps he wanted a trophy wife to show everyone that he is still "the man". Cappy always has an agenda and marrying someone half his age isn't out of the ordinary for Cappy.

Also, Cappy will marry someone twice his own age because this person may have money, power, prestige etc. Cappy wants their love interest to be someone they can proudly present to the world as a symbol of their status. But hey, sometimes they marry for love too! This is not stereotypical Capricorn behavior. But then, none of us are stereotypes. We are all individuals, and when we use astrology, we should use the astrology for individuals that is, the birth chartas opposed to the stereotypical sun-sign astrology.

Either could account for his behavior. And of course, his Moon, Ascendant, and Mars could be in any sign at all I think it's normal for a person to do that, not just a Capricorn. He tried dating someone young, didn't like it and is with Uomo d affari yahoo dating more his age.

Sounds normal to me.

As for the relationship to be different, would you want things to be the same as it was for him and his x? I'd actually expect, with the major age difference, that things would be different.

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I would definatly be finding out why he dated someone sooo young. I mean, he's in his late 30's and the girl is 18?!!!!

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