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Are amaro and rollins dating simulator


The twists and turns were probably a bit too much. It's still a good episode though. Seeing more of Munch is a huge plus.

I do miss Cragen now. I hope everyone returns on SVU. Esual- I think we would have already heard if someone from the cast wasn't returning. Final ratings are 1. This means SVU is still holding steady.

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It also means it was level with Smash ratings again. In fact I think SVU got slightly more eyeballs.

NBC must be worried about Smash. Anything would be a better fit than Rock Center or Harrys Law,both of which skew old. Did anyone else happen to notice in the opening scene that Munch was drinking a glass of wine at the restaurant?

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I'm guessing these last two episodes were the last we'll be seeing Cabot or Novak again this season. I'm a little disappointed. I wanted more of them. Here's hoping they become regulars in Season If we're gonna have Are amaro and rollins dating simulator revolving door of ADAs, at least give us 2 we love.

I think this was a very solid episodein the style of older seasons of SVU in that they introduce too many sub-stories and extra characters as red herrings. The only thing to tie the gay-bashing hate crime to the subsequent crime of sexual exploitation was the teacher Rick Sims. He too was jumped,albeit as a gay bashing, quite by chance.

Law & Order: SVUfans were...

My only real complaint was that it was a bit too obvious that the attractive blonde teacher Natalie was somehow involved. I did like the twist that they tried to frame the bookish Joanne as an unrequited lesbian love interest to the attractive Natalie.

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Quickly Liv and Nick were able to deduce they were all intent on framing the clearly troubled Joanne to cover up the crime of student-teacher sexual abuse. All in all, a very solid, well-told story. I am curious to see how the last S13 episode will play out now that its been renewed.

I don't think this has happened before- they got a renewal before or as they were filming last episode. Very good review and recap as always. I agree that it was too much packed into the episode but it was interesting nonetheless.

Rollins finds herself in the...

Nice to see Cabot around and having decent screen time even though it wasn't in a court room. Thanks for the recap.

What happens to Kens fiance? Do they get married or do Alejandro die? That was the only thing I didn't like. They left you hanging. Too much for one episode.

Other than that it was a terrific episode. Learning Curve season Posted by Chris Zimmer at Newer Post Older Post Home.

In the season 17 premiere,...

Rollins finds herself in the middle of a complicated case when a friend from her Amaro finds himself in the hot seat after shooting a teenage suspect during a.

black dating agency uk dating site melbourne australia msu uab speed dating angeles city online dating who is harry styles dating december "I had no idea until we walked into the read-through," Danny Pino tells TVGuide. com of the big reveal about Amaro and Rollins' affair.

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