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Dating your attending


This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post. "Dating your attending" a while back I downloaded Dating your attending app called Paktor and went on a disastrous blind date. Needless to say, my venture on Paktor put me off dating apps for quite a while. And also made me sort of lose hope in the future of humanity. But the great people at Paktor have launched a new offline dating agency! Called GaiGaithe agency organises a wide range of events for you to expand your social circle and have fun while doing so.

But I opted for a round of drinking games at The Papa Shop. And I guess it kinda worked.

The event was very well facilitated, and I think that everyone had fun. I also made quite a few friends that night.

My theory is that everyone who attended this event was secretly an antisocial introvert, mourning for the loss of their stay-in Saturday. But seriously, everyone was in black.

I was colourfully dressed in pink and blue because I was marking the 2-week death anniversary of my fighting fish. My fighting fish was blue and pink. He led a very comfortable 5-day long life.

I have issues with letting go. But yes, if you want to fit in with the hoi polloido remember to wear black. The great thing about GaiGai is the variety of events you can choose from.

You're entering the next chapter...

No point holding back and letting other people take your turn, right? Hang around and talk to everyone.

Sit at the table with other people. Your new friend of the same gender can wait.

You're entering the next chapter...

What this means is that you Dating your attending want to hang out for a bit after the official activities are completed. Stay Dating your attending and interact with your new friends. I realise that not everyone has the best of luck when it comes to finding someone whom you like to spend time with. But you know, head up and just keep an open mind. Brought to you by: Jac spends most of her free time wondering what she is doing with her life.

Apart from finding a cure for cancer, achieving world peace, and saving the universe with her superpowers of course. You can subscribe to GaiGai Events here. Also Read Speed Dating: Type and hit enter to search Search. Buzzfeed And I guess it kinda worked. Buzzfeed But seriously, everyone was in black.

Buzzfeed But yes, if you want to fit in with the hoi polloido remember to wear black. I get awkward far too easily for my own good.

What sucks even more is...

Buzzfeed I said most. Subscribe to Vulcan Post Newsletter Stay updated with our weekly curated news and updates. Question. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I have a crush on my attending. Is it okay to date after my rotation is over?. La Paz / Min.

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