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Masika dating berg


Some people try to seek compassion and empathy from every other person, as they feel the need of a companion to accompany them in every ups and downs. And many celebrities try out every individual until they locate a perfect one, so does Yung Berg. Beyond any doubt, the rapper Yung Berg, who can never be speculated as a gay, has quite a long Masika dating berg history with many ups and downs in his personal life.

Yung Berg Picture Masika Interlude...

Among all, his relationship Masika dating berg one girlfriend became the talk of the town once. How about we get some answers concerning him and his unsuccessful love life as much as we can. News twirled that Berg assaulted Masika after he couldn't bear to cover dinner as his credit card was declined. After Masika gave Berg a talking Masika dating berg, reports say Berg grabbed her by the throat, tossed her on their bed, dragged her by her hair, and punched her.

When law enforcement arrived, Masika reportedly had cuts and visible bruises on her body.

Masika Confirms Dating Yung Berg

Yung Berg was then slapped with one count of harassment and three counts of assault. Since the accident, the Yung Berg and Masika were reticent about the incident. After some time away from the public, Masika broke her silence on Twitter on 10 November In the meantime I ask that my privacy be respected. After some days, Masika told her side of Masika dating berg. According to Masika, it wasn't abuse.

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The focus should not be on us being a couple right now. It was not an abusive situation.

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