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Gi tae marriage not dating


After months of not blogging this time just because I was always out partying or was too lazy to sit and writeI am back again with another drama review.

Marriage, Not Dating is a hilarious romantic comedy that follows a plastic surgeon on his quest to remain single, and a saleswoman on her quest to get married. Gong Gi Tae is a 33 year old plastic surgeon. He is also a bachelor, and wants to remain that way, despite his parents desire for him to get married.

At the age of 29, Joo Jang Mi is ready for marriage. She is am honest and outspoken saleswoman at an upscale department store. He has a childish personality, playful and at times inconsiderate, but very sweet. She forced herself to be an independent woman when Gi Tae broke up with her. His biggest dream is to become a chef and he trains under the restaurants Gi tae marriage not dating as he works.

He was abandoned by his mother as a child, which causes him to have trouble allowing people to get close to him because he is afraid that he will end up being abandoned again. As time goes on, he finds himself starting to fall in love with Joo Jang Mi. Nam Hyun Hee works with Joo Jang Mi at the department store and her greatest aspiration is to marry a rich man. She ends up falling in love with Lee Hoon Dong. Joo Jang Mi is in love and wants to get married, so she sets up a nice date in a hotel "Gi tae marriage not dating" so that she can propose to her boyfriend, Lee Hoon Dong.

Lee Hoon Dong however, is not ready to commit, and so he calls on his best friend, Gong Gi Tae to come and interrupt the proposal. Gong Gi Tae does as he is asked after bargaining for a three year, Gi tae marriage not dating free, contract.

As they leave the hotel room, he tells his friend to end things cleanly with the girl he was ready to break up with. "Gi tae marriage not dating" wants to talk things through and see what went wrong. As Gi Tae is relaying the breakup to Jang Mi, his mother and aunt pull up and watch the scene from a distance.

She was there because she was in love and that love was sincere, at least it was for her. Gong Gi Tae decides to hire Jang Mi to pretend to be his girlfriend. He tells her that she would be the perfect woman because he has no intentions of marrying her and she has no intentions of marrying him.

She is one of his patients — as well as his ex-girlfriend. While talking casually to each other, she tries to coax him into coming to her hospital to work.

Marriage, Not Dating is a...

He tells her that there are other doctors, that are just as good Gi tae marriage not dating better than he is, that would be willing to work in the hospital. She finds it ironic that he said the same thing to her three years earlier when they broke up. Gi Tae and Jang Mi begin their deception and almost immediately Hoon Dong feels the pangs of jealousy and regret.

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Hyun Hee sees what is happening and offers to be his drinking buddy. He ends up getting drunk and they do the thing and she ends up pregnant.

He realizes that Jang Mi is not afraid of being abandoned, but she is terrified of being alone. In her, Yeo Reum finds a woman that he knows will never leave him.

He falls in love with her.

Joo Jang Mi finds herself falling for Gong Gi Tae, but forces those feelings out of her mind when she realizes that Kang Se Ah has feelings for him, is a better match for him and has a history with him. She realizes that his mother has been betrayed by his father and is being pushed away by her only child.

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Even though this aggravates both Gi Tae and his mother, she ends up forming a bond with them; one that can only be formed by sharing experiences and pain. The drama was funny at times, and not as frustrating as most k-dramas that I watch.

Even though Se Ah was thirstier than someone backpacking in the desert, her character was still not very annoying. The tactics she Gi tae marriage not dating were ones that people use in everyday life, distraction and seduction.

As usual, the main lead got herself into a bind and spent a good time crying.