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Gyaku ryona female on male sexual harassment


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Boards Resident Evil 6 So is there, like, some weird fetish involving watching Rebecca Chambers killed? Resident Evil is usually a extremely popular subject matter, or whatever the fighting game flavor of the month is. As stated, for your own sanity, stay far far away.

Man there is a fetish for everything. What's wrong with Ryona? Its far better than furries, Yaoi and foot fetishes IMO. Ryona is a pretty popular one too.

Academic research supports the idea...

I bet I would find your fetishes weird unless it contains bondage Yaoi Ryona is the best. You don't know how happy I am with RE4 death videos. That's not Yaoi Ryona, that's Gyaku-Ryona. Yaoi is male on male which is absolutely disgusting. Forgot to separate my third sentence with the first two. Yeah I know Yaoi's disgusting to most likely homophobes.

Or to people who get super butthurt when they see their faves fanonically be intimate with each other. I bet I would find your fetishes weird unless it contains bondage You think watching women get tortured in a sexual manner is better than people who think feet are sexy? And you think it's better than normal gay stuff? That's messed up man. I'm not gay or anything, but I think I'd rather watch two consenting adult dudes going at it than watch some helpless damsel get tortured and amputated.

And what's wrong with finding feet attractive? They're just like hands, and everybody has them. Furries is pretty Gyaku ryona female on male sexual harassment, but they're just harmless nerds who like Star Fox a little too much.

But it's not like they're going to do that crap in real life.

In news coverage of campus...

On the other hand, I could easily see this Ryona bullcrap inspiring some psychopath. I play until my eyes bleed. That seems to be the number one troll response to finding Yaoi disgusting.

We often talk about sexual...

That's why I pointed it out to him. It just makes you a narrow minded twit who can't accept other opinions. And perhaps its the other way around. I find Ryona arousing but in real life I do my best to help and Gyaku ryona female on male sexual harassment girls when they're in any trouble. Don't try to connect the dots that way.

You might as well say violent video games make people violent. I bet I would find your fetishes weird unless it contains bondage ' Psh, screw off. If you did the least bit of research you'd see that a foot fetish is the most common fetish next to breast and booty.

Don't get all righteous against the foot fetish when you are essentially saying torture porn is alright. Seriously, how much gall can you have? I've had a foot fetish as far as I can remember.

Academic research supports the idea...

And what's interesting is that more girls like attention on their feet than you'd think. Some girls find it flattering. Some girls enjoy the 'dominant' side of it. About 2 months ago I gave a cute co-worker a foot rub in her car in the parking lot during graveyard shift. That being said, any girl that is actually IN to dominating or being dominated is a plus in my book.

Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Contributing factors

Take a basic psychology class and you'd be surprised at the insane amount of people that are into some sort of 'taboo'. Fetishes are alright as long as both participants are ok with it. Just doing the same old sex over and over gets old. I was just explaining to him how people might have incredibly different opinions.

IMO I find the popular ones like foot and furries bad but I like one with damsels. I'm not acting righteous by myself.