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Hobosexuals the band seattle wa


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Hobosexual is a Seattle rock...

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Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge. This is seriously some next level musicianship and the lyrical content boggles my mind. For me this is the album to end all albums. It's so beautiful in all its dreadfulness.

Hobosexual. K likes. Hair, Teeth,...

Reflections of a Floating World by Elder. Broad, deep, driving, but also intricate in its musicality, you just lose yourself in the landscape of this music.

It's going to be really hard to top this album should they ever release another one. This is absolute magic. Fist In The Air by Cherubs. Dirty Sirens by Dirty Sirens. Another cinematic rock 'n' roll epic from the always hilarious Christian Fitness. Dumb mmmn there's always time for gems like this just like there's always room for Jello; late night speed demon highway music that stirs loins.

Matt Brown As with all the other great loves of my life, I have no idea how or why anyone else would feel the same way about this band as I do. Layered screaming guitars, MASSIVE drums, vocal gymnastics of the old school - it is all here, uncompromising and deliciously crass, delivered with a wink and a gentle head-butt to the face.

Music that feels like it was written and performed specifically for me, and who the hell else should any "Hobosexuals the band seattle wa" play for? Only 2 tracks available for listening, but they were both solid enough Hobosexuals the band seattle wa interesting enough in their diversity of influences and tone, that I just had to hear the entire album.

I love it when I find an artist that appeals to the things I dig about music, but doesn't sound like just another replay of 25 other bands I've heard.

Official Hobosexual Bands Website. Welcome...

From what I've heard so far, I think this might be one of those artists. Christine Mitchell Nanu Nanu. This album is a great continuation of Hobosexual's rocking trajectory.

Hard, melodic, and hilarious to boot, with all of the eighties references that you know and love. VHS or Sharon Stone. We took the "Used" look concept of the LP and rendered a whole new patina for the compact disc package!

Official Hobosexual Bands Website. Welcome...

Also included is a sweet download card! Purchasable with gift card. From the exact circa reverse stock Gatefold Jacket, to the meticulously worn in look and feel of a real embossed cover. Trans Am Sunday Up The Down Walls VHS or Sharon Stone The Grey Mountain Night of Daggers Monolith is a concept album, and Hobo's first LP in 4 years. Monolith directly concerns outrage culture and the effect social media and technology have had on the human condition; from unfiltered constant bouts of sociopathic rage as acceptable public exchange, to blatant narcissistic affluence and fashion obsession touted as admirable or even artisticand the wreckage and decline of collective intellect these attitudes leave in their Hobosexuals the band seattle wa. The "concept" therein is explored via retrospect of a person losing their own mind, in the midst of and as a direct result of said aforementioned "culture".

The work as a "Hobosexuals the band seattle wa" was composed and keyed to be presented in final form as a continuum. Please note that physical mediums, such as CD and Vinyl Copies will reflect this singular "cross-faded" vision throughout. We hope you have as much fun listening to it, as we did putting it together this last 3 years.

Vocals, Guitar, Piano Jeff Silva: Tags awesome blues loud metal rock Seattle. Hobo 2 Super Jet Radio Spot. The Black Camaro Death 7" vinyl. If you like Hobosexual, you may also like: Alx Dark go to album. It is a direct follow up to 's sci-fi concept LP, "Hobosexual II". how or why anyone else would feel the same way about this band as I do.

It is a direct follow...

. Seattle, WA. Band in Seattle LIVE taping w/ Hobosexual & He Whose Ox is Gored.

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