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How to do Fuse Items to get more items. This is a small guide based on the Guide provided by Jinay. Well, there is no "secret recipe" for this. This is same as Angels online forum lucky hammers and getting an attack bonus or spell bonus which u always want when u intensify a weapon.

But sadly u wont get it Everytime. Thats what "random" is. What this has to do with fusion well "Angels online forum" will explain it to you in simple way. Tier 7 Effective Scrolls: Tier 6 Powered Class: Tier 5 SP Class: Tier 2 9-Starred: Tier 1 Starred: If you are lucky, it might just increase a bit more. If you are unlucky, it will just remain on the same grade, or maybe drop by a grade, but this rarely happens.

As such, the forum administrator...

The Above quote is fusion process there is no rocket "Angels online forum" to it. The fusion process of items results in three outcomes as follows.

It may Degrade the rank of ur tier group of items you are fusing 2. It may do nothing to your item's rank, so may result Angels online forum item which is from the same rank as the your main item. It may increase a rank and gives you an item from higher tier. I'll explain it with an example. I am gonna fuse love canisters which is categorized as Tier 2.

Tier 3 if the fusion resulted in increment in rank of your main item. Now, if you are fusing with two items of different ranks, tiers It also leaves three outcomes as in the above example.

As such, the forum administrator...

Which are in tier 4 and 5 So, I start with love canisters. Consider, I got " skill bonus vouchers". Now I fuse them and get 50 tier 4 items which may give you ridefeeds if you were lucky! Or You can fuse tier 4 items to "possibly" get ride Angels online forum which are also in tier 4 and 5 according to info by jinay.

So This is all about fusion of items.

I got Nothing new in this Guide. This guide just gives an example. I donot take any credit for the explanation of the process. I'll add pictures if I fuse again.

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