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Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality


Amidst controversy, Hallmark started a line of homosexual wedding cards in I love writing, but need to recharge the batteries a bit. I have no intentions of leaving you empty-handed though. My brother used the opportunity to write a series of articles on it.

I hope you find them as beneficial as I did. If you have a topic current event, doctrinal issue, etc.

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This past week I received an interesting phone call. It was by a well-intentioned individual who lambasted me and my church for Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality that homosexuality was acceptable.

I immediately knew what happened. He had read in the newspaper that recently the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ELCA adopted a resolution at their synod convention that not only paved the way for the ELCA to perform same-sex marriages, but also opened the door for openly gay pastors to practice ministry.

These two synods could not be more different. If God and Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality word do not change, how could theology change?

The ELCA has changed its theological position regularly to reflect that which is culturally popular or politically correct. Today, we talk about how the real issue is the Good News of Christ, not homosexuality.

This has led to confusion. As such, it contains no mistakes or errors. The Bible "Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality" not mere opinion, but is the revealed will of a loving God to his children.

There is a big difference between saying the Bible is the Word of God verses saying it contains the Word of God. It can shift with any opinion poll or the morals of the day. The good news is that people who commit even the most grotesque sins — murder, adultery, etc. Church history has shown this to be true again and again. Those words could apply to homosexuality, or temper tantrums, or gossip, or envy.

In gratitude for what Christ did to save me from my sin, I struggle to leave them behind. I will never be able to do so entirely. But I still try. This is the joyful struggle of a Christian who lives in the shadow of the cross. I deny myself the impulses of my flesh if they are contrary to the Word of God, precisely because I know that a God who loved me enough to give me his Son would not steer me wrong. Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod...

A true Lutheran will tell you there is no such thing as Lutheran theology. Martin Luther simply wanted to rid the church of his day of the error that had crept in through the abuse of pope and council.

He wanted to restore the pure theology of the early church, which was built sola Scriptura — on Scripture alone.

That is why the resolution of the ELCA saddens me. That is not evangelical. That is not Lutheran. Please realize not all Lutheran congregations are the same. Some take the Bible very seriously. We are one of them. This is a bad thing and is against Gods Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality. This is not a debate on if Homosexuality is right or wrong. This is a matter of loving and accepting one another for who they are.

It is our place to love one another, as clearly stated Evangelical lutheran synod homosexuality 1st John. The Lutheran church has always been filled with loving, accepting, and non-judgmental congregations.

If we decided to push these children of God away then we might as well be a part of another church who looks down upon people because of their lifestyle choices. This IS a debate of homosexuality as right or wrong because that dictates what the loving way to respond to it is. When someone is in sin, we are to point out their sins to them to lead them to repentance Matt If homosexuality is indeed a sin, it needs to be pointed out.

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