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Best cities for black professionals


The biggest question is: Young black Best cities for black professionals need to settle in cities that inspire their work and provide them with the opportunities they need to thrive. To find the cities that offer young professionals the best of both worlds, I evaluated a number of cities on average salary, millennial appeal, diversity, black population, and the strength of the job market. Here are the standouts. Fast paced and ever-changing, NYC is perfect for those who love to constantly be on the move and in the mix of things.

Although it has a bad reputation due to its crime rate, Washington D. Ranking as one of the best paying and millennial friendly cities, D. With the second highest percentage of African-Americans with college degrees D.

As it expands, jobs and opportunities continue to increase. As the fourth largest city in America, Houston boasts a large Black middle class, and a solid economy, it is also one of the most affordable cities in the nation. Energy is the primary factor in the Houston economy.

With the average annual household...

Geoscientist and Petroleum Engineers, for example, are highly paid. More African-American people than ever are moving to Dallas — but not without apprehension. Many claim Dallas is not as progressive as other popular African American cities, but it is swiftly growing into a professional African American magnet due to massive opportunity and low cost of living. While this city may raise a few doubtful eyebrows, its true, Seattle is definitely a place African-Americans should want to live.

Plus, the growth in aerospace and high-tech employment creates Best cities for black professionals the kinds of high-wage jobs, including for blue-collar workers, that are lacking in many parts of the country. Oakland, CA and the Bay Area: I disagree with Seattle and the Bay Area. They are both over priced and there is hardly in Blacks in Seattle. I have to disagree.

I changed my life for the true greater living in the Seattle area.

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Decided to move back to my home town of Springfield, IL and have faced prejudices I just didnt have to deal with in Seattle. There isnt a day that has gone by that I dont wish I hadnt left. I say, as a Black professional, the Great North West is a place where you Best cities for black professionals truly prosper without being judged on your looks, but on your work ethic.

I have been living in Chicago for a decade. Even though the black population is bigger than most it doesnt hekp much. A lot of prejudices and segregation you will find it hard to go up the ladder just because of the color of your skin. If you are not over ambitious then that might work for you. Im counting the days to get of this degrading city.

Totally disagree … I currently live in Washington State and can attest that while racism may seem low key in Seattle, it manifests itself via the lack of opportunities for AA. Black neighborhoods in Seattle are some of the worst crime, unemployment etc. Now why would any AA move there? I have to agree with Richard.

I lived in over priced Seattle for 15 years. I was the only person of color "Best cities for black professionals" many of the corporate jobs I had. Also Chicago ,has historically been a magnet for black middle class since the earlier Times to the present,it still boost a large black professional and working class median black income is 38k los Angeles is another city still have a vibrant black middle-class even population declines its still have communities like west L.

Jacksonville fl isup and coming city which a large black middle-class and growing income level 37k not bad check black demographic. Also lets not sleep on Philly which has a large number of black owned business and history cater to us with a vibrant black Best cities for black professionals and professional still draw to the city less pricey then dc and new York with all the amenities good transportation system,average black income 38k average black income is around 37k to 44k in u.

I disagree with Oakland.

There are a ton of tech firms and opportunities here but at work I very rarely see people who look like me in the office. I think it is a positive and a negative.

The good thing is there is lots of opportunity for career progression, the tech firms and companies out here pay well, but on the other hand there is no network of support. Then there is the issue of black churches. Best cities for black professionals could go on but I think you get the picture! The bay area has a looooong way to go before it becomes worthy of being listed among these other cities. Oakland and the east bay are far more diverse and more black affluence then San Francisco peninsula area due to history and presence.

I had moved down to Texas since 97 and I went back to the bay only thing I did was wasted money lol. I believe the west coast in general is not as vibrant for black Americans professionally and personally not like it used to be,there such thing is immigration issues, gentrification, minority vs minority, like LA and political clout issue like in Oakland and decrease in population which have and impact like SF.

LA is the placeperhaps the bluest state in the country, and with diversity second to none, under progressive leadership, its heading in the right direction, check it out. I live in Oregon and visit the Seattle area pretty often. I believe when they mention Seattle, they are including Seattle and surrounding cities going East to West and North to South. Collectively, there are many blacks because of the military bases.

They have small cities which are known for retired military which I was Best cities for black professionals to find out Best cities for black professionals blacks actually live in Kennewick and the other cities southeast of Seattle. Thank you for sharing your insight!

It really helps to have people from these regions dispel myths and speak the truth. We love your thoughts. TJ you are correct there are blacks in the surrounding areas here in the NW but the support for blacks in this area is severely lacking. We do not pull together as we would in other cities to support each other.

Atlanta was knocked from its...

It is very divided here sadly. I am from NYC went to school in buffalo and constantly was judged because I decided to get my bachelors in nursing instead of associates. There were three black BSN nurses and we all felt the same way. What about a young black BSN prepared nurse who tends on getting her doctorate?

I was thinking of NC but atl and dallas are looking like potentials. Wish me luck blackexcellence. Dallas is just as progressive as Houston truth be told.

The Dallas Metro is quite diverse, has the largest gay population in TX, and at least half of the residents here are from more traditionally liberal states so they bring their liberalism with them. Dallas is a whole lot cleaner and nicer ….

Not only that but Dallas has a better topography will decent traffic flow, Houston is just flat and the traffic a nightmare. Overall, Dallas has better shopping and it is just more upscale …. Dallas is more centrally located and a plane hub so flights for a getaway to all the hot play spots LA, Vegas, NYC, Miami, etc in the nation are a bit quicker and cheaper to get too.

Dallas is not at all a metropolitan city. I would include the upcoming sleeper city, Charlotte. Charlotte pretty much has the same things Atlanta has except a few 5 star hotels and night life. The city has surpassed Atlanta in city population. Charlotte African Americans along with the majority are unique is that they live by their values regardless of color. Charlotte was known as a banking and financial city but now is getting diverse from engineering to consultant.

I think there is more to what constitutes a good city for a young black professional than how many black people Best cities for black professionals there.

The SF Bay Area is a wonderful place for the young black professional.

On population alone, Its an extremely diverse place compared to other cities. True the percentage of blacks that live in the Bay Area is not as much as these other places but do keep in mind the actual size of the bay area when you consider populations.

From a livelihood stand point its the cradle of technology. And that is ONLY tech. Lived in the Bay Area my whole life.

You have a lot more to do than all of the other cities on this list you also have a lot more culture than any of the others on here too. I agree with Richard and, especially, Bethany. I am an open-minded, hard-working, black Computer Tech. Nevertheless, the situations that I have faced in Seattle have been ridiculous and based on my ethnicity.

From my personal and professional experience, Seattle is one of the most covertly racist- which translates to cowardly racist — places that I have EVER lived. In Seattle, racism is systemic, structural, and psychological. And this racist psychology "Best cities for black professionals," both sadly and ironically, even into the Gay and Lesbian community.

But please believe me, Seattle WA is not the city for black professionals. I agree on that note in a way. I hear a lot of people say the same that relocated from the Bay Area,because of affordability and quality of life,air great,beautiful scenery with diversity in the southern Seattle,but far as thriving black community nope be honest west coast in general one reason lack of black owned firms,culture,and history.

These comments were very helpful. I am a single black professional woman looking to relocate from NYC. I am a true New Yorker at heart but its time for a change. I have been thinking Best cities for black professionals Dallas and Houston but I may have to add a couple of the other cities to my list.

Richard, thanks for the feedback.

Ever wonder what city you...

A lot of people are in favor of Dallas. I'm single work dude working in finance and looking for a vibrant city with a high number of other young professionals. (Decent # black. of these black enterprising professionals in tech hubs like New York City and On top of that, these cities have a large African-American population, Memphis reigns supreme as the top city for black-owned businesses.

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