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Girls hooking up


Are you a jabber? A weird lip licker? A dead fish, stick it in my mouth with no movement type? Or, worst of all, do you just not use your tongue at all?

Love is equal for everyone....

Should I eat before this? I could eat two tho, tbh. I wonder if you like pizza? Old Spice or was it Axe?

It's never been this easy.

That would be fun, honestly, the covert secret agent-ness of it all. I might be trying to have sex with you too. I wonder if this is mutual.

Maybe I just want to. Third, fourth, fifth nipples?

I can be chill. Maybe I never need to see you in any way besides fully clothed. Get out of my head, Mom and Dad. This is not a family-matters-sitcom-style thing.

Are you going to see my underwear?

Are you going to touch it? Should I wear lace panties? Fuck, I really hate the word panties.

Try This Weird App To...

Not the period ones. Ugh, granny and panties.

Why The Hook Up Culture...

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