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Colin and justins cabin pressure online dating


A long, long time ago, shortly after landing - for the first time - in Canada, we made the acquaintance of Cherri Campbell and her husband David Sparkes. A close friendship was quickly built and, over dinner one evening, they invited us to go cottaging for the weekend.

The table fell silent as we absorbed the request. She, by her own account, was a big fan, as was David. Cottaging in Canada, we soon discovered, and cottaging in Britain, are two entirely different pursuits.

Embarrassment fog clearing, realization eventually dawned that we were at cross-purposes. Lost in Translation had nothing on this debacle.

As committed urbanites, we could never conceive of spending all our time out of the city. But what if we were to pool resources and make a joint purchase? It made perfect sense. We looked at a dozen or so properties over one weekend and, while each had its own appeal, none hit the mark. There was a cute wee rustic abode, for example, but it was simply too far off the beaten track.

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