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How to find out if your crush is dating someone


Does he like you, or does he like someone else? Most of the time, it feels super amazing and exciting to have a crush on a guy.

But you know what? You...

But if they like someone else, it can become confusing and upsetting. If your crush is behaving differently, there could be a number of reasons why. However, one likely explanation is that he is crushing on another woman.

Sometimes a crush is totally harmless, like if he's got a crush on an actress or model. But things are totally different when he's got his eyes on someone he could actually date IRL. But how can you know for sure that he likes someone else? Here are 15 tell-tale signs that your crush likes another girl. You and your crush are friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but he never likes your selfies.

After all, a like on a picture is one of the easiest ways to show that you are interested in someone. If your crush is doing this, it is a clear sign that he likes another girl. Whenever your crush posts a status update or a picture on social media, the likes start coming in. And the majority of them are from other girls.

You often see the same names over and over again, but he has never mentioned those girls to you. The main thing to look out for is one girl How to find out if your crush is dating someone likes everything that he posts. If you feel certain that something is going on between them, just ask him. How to find out if your crush is dating someone not, you might spend months cyber-stalking his social media profiles, trying to work out if he is interested in someone else.

If the rumors are coming from people who barely know him, you should probably ignore them; after all, how would they know the intimate details of his life?

It can be hard to hear that your crush is talking to someone else, but at least you found out sooner rather than later. You could have spent weeks chasing after him.

Now you can enjoy being single without worrying about your ex-crush. It could be his co-worker or a mutual friend. Whenever you see them together, well, he barely notices you. Instead, he stands next to her, laughing, joking and having fun.

This is one of the most obvious signs that your crush likes someone else. However, sometimes people refuse to accept this fact; instead, they tell themselves that their crush is avoiding them because they are shy, or maybe the girl is one of his close friends.

The simple truth is this: You used to love spending time with your crush. You would laugh and have fun together, and the conversations were varied and interesting. The first time it was relevant because you were both talking about coffee, and he mentioned that she is a waitress in his favorite coffee shop. After a while, though, you noticed that he brought her up whenever he possibly could.

When someone is infatuated with someone else, they will be tempted to bring them up whenever they can, because they enjoy talking about their crush.

See where your crush's eyes...

Think about it; you probably also look for excuses to talk about your crush, so it is likely that he is doing the same thing. When you used to hang out, your crush was always interested in your stories and jokes.

He would make an effort to listen while you talked, and he would ask questions about your stories.

He often bails when you arrange plans, and he spends a lot of time on his phone when you are together. It could also be a sign that he likes another girl; if the interest is no longer coming your way, it is possible that it is now going somewhere else.

It could be a mutual friend or it could be one of his co-workers that he regularly invites out with your group of friends. Everyone has thrown an innocent look at someone before! However, if he is constantly looking at the same girl, it might mean that he likes her. Check out your crush next time the three of you hang out together.

Even though you like the...

Does he look at her, look away, and then try to slyly look at her again? Does he always try to sit next to her or near her? Okay, there's nothing you can do about it.

He also regularly gets physical with her. He might pick her up for a piggyback ride or try to arm wrestle with her.

It could even be smaller gestures; you might have noticed that he puts his hand on her back as they walk through doors, or he might offer her his hand as she gets out of a car. These small signs are a clear indicator that your crush is interested in another girl. Does he turn his body towards her, and away from you? Is he always trying to make physical contact with her? Your crush often seems disinterested in you to the point that he rarely makes eye contact with you. You often get the feeling that he's totally avoiding meeting your gaze.

When you tell him stories, he is often looking around the room, and at other people. Humans love to look into the eyes of people they like; it builds intimacy and it helps people to create bonds.

If you can relate to this, spend some time apart so that you can move on, and he can stop feeling guilty; it is the best option for both of you. You wish you could see your crush more often, but he's often busy. You regularly invite him to your house, and you always invite him to group events, but more often than not, he makes up How to find out if your crush is dating someone excuse not to come.

Maybe he's tired, maybe he has no money but the only thing you know for sure is that he normally says no to plans with you.

However, he is always willing to go somewhere if the other girl is there, no matter how expensive or inconvenient it may be. Think about it; when people are crushing on someone, they will do anything to spend time with them. Whenever you spend time together, he just sits on his phone the entire time. You could probably deal with his obsessive phone checking, but it only happens when he's with you. He takes hours, sometimes even days, to text you back, and he never answers the phone when you ring.

When you hang out with your crush, he is normally dressed casually in jeans or sweatpants. However, alarm bells started ringing when you went out with another girl and he made a big effort with his appearance.

He wore nice, clean, smart clothes, and he took the time to style his hair. Throughout the night he continued to preen, he kept messing with his hair, smoothing his shirt, adjusting his collar and taking extra How to find out if your crush is dating someone not to spill on himself.

If you can relate to this, your crush probably likes another girl. People naturally want to impress people that they are attracted to, but they are more comfortable and relaxed around their friends as they know that their friends accept them for who they are.

When you hang out with your crush, he is relaxed and friendly. Sometimes he is even pretty gross. This behavior is common in long-term relationships, but it is extremely rare during the honeymoon phase. Watch your crush next time the other girl is around. Does he get flustered and nervous when they arrive? Does he stammer or make awkward comments? Does he laugh too loudly at her jokes, or wipe his hands on his shirt when he is talking to her?

If so, he could be trying to impress her, rather than you.

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