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Shooting is scheduled to start in April. Nancy Ajram finishes new clip. Ajram and Kenaan will be collaborating on another music video for another song from the same album soon. El-Sakka debuts as a lyricist. Actor Ahmed El-Sakka has finished writing his first song, and chosen singer Mohamed Nour to perform it.

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Meanwhile, Nour is busy working on his album which is scheduled for release during May. Ezz revealed that the song was written by Khaled Tag and arranged by Tarek Madkour. He also added that Diab is doing all he can to finish the upcoming album, produced by Rotana, in time to be out on Dec.

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He revealed that after a lot of deep thinking, he decided to take the DNA test which proved that Lina is — without a doubt — his daughter. El-Feshawi confirmed that he was keen to talk about his decision on the program because he believes that the audience that followed this case deserves to know how it ended.

Zaki still on for Hamaki cinema debut. Habib also revealed that he was meeting with Hamaki intensively to finalize the script, which will include a number of songs for Hamaki. Filming is set to be in Alexandria, according to Akhbar El-Nogoum magazine. The movie follows the story of Faten who is the only responsible person supporting her family because her mother is ill, her father refuses to work and her brother is unemployed.

The annual award is given to a singer whose albums sales exceedcopies in other countries. You "Zhaymar adil imam online dating" vote here. Sabri fears TV effect on big-screen career. Asked about other differences, Sabri said: Meanwhile, Sabri expressed her intention to try her hand at directing shorts and documentaries. Nader Nour to Release Debut Album in Composer-singer Nader Nour is preparing to release his debut album by Pyramedia for Music Production and Distribution.

After that, Nour will decide on a title for his upcoming music project and choose the song that will be filmed into a music video. All the songs in the upcoming album will be composed by Nour. While visiting the crowded theaters downtown, the actors made a stop at Cosmos. Karim "Zhaymar adil imam online dating" the audience when he started explaining some of the scenes and told them how some of the shots were taken; a first in the history of Egyptian cinema.

El-Louzi was surrounded by fans that crowded around her to take photos. Overwhelmed by her fans, Zhaymar adil imam online dating called for security to help her out of the crowd, leaving Karim to find his way out by himself. Hamaki nominated for EMA. Second in line is Carole Samaha.

Elissa is currently holding sessions with top musicians to prepare for her upcoming album by Rotana.

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Refaie also mentioned that Elissa may have some music arrangers from Spain on board her upcoming music project. Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, famous for his role as Mohaned in the popular soap opera Noor, recently received many offers to star in Egyptian dramas during a quick workday in Egypt.

The actor was in Egypt for one day to shoot a television commercial for a ceramic company and fielded Zhaymar adil imam online dating opportunities to star in Egyptian television and cinema projects, according to El-Mawead magazine. However, Tatlitug may not be accepting any roles in Egypt just yet.

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