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Mature mens hairstyles


As a man ages, he may have trouble finding a suitable hairstyle. Your hair may change color and texture. What worked in your 30s might not be an option anymore.

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Even your hairline might be a different shape. Most hairstyles for older men happen to be shorter. Shorter hair creates less of a contrast between bald areas and spots where hair is thick. Here are some of our favorites. White hair may appear thinner as you get older.

These hairstyles for older men...

You can keep the top long, with the front strands even longer than those in the back. Direct the hair away from your face. Have the sides chopped shorter, and grow out your white beard to blend everything together. As your hair turns gray or white, it can get wiry. This can be hard to handle at first, but it creates texture even Mature mens hairstyles straight hair. Keep it short, with the top slightly longer.

Some white at the sides and the temples looks stately. So does some salt-and-pepper scruff on the face. Keep it about an inch long at the top and Mature mens hairstyles sides, and have it shaped to complement your face.

Messy texture always looks easygoing. Spraying salt water in your hair can help you maintain "Mature mens hairstyles" spikiness without the stiffness of gel. You Mature mens hairstyles still have long locks after Focus on keeping your hair healthy, and have it cut to create volume. It seems like many millennials are getting a pompadour nowadays.

If you have fairly thick hair, you can have lots of layers cut in with some significant length. Use a matte paste to mess up the strands and keep them from looking too perfect. Pull it back into a rugged ponytail like Sean Connery.

Whether you've got a receding...

As you get more grays and added texture, your hair may fall differently. Grow it to the nape of your neck, and flip the front away from your face.

He realizes that he might not be able to get away with an extreme rock-star look. However, he retains some edge by keeping a relaxed look. The ends are thinned out, the Mature mens hairstyles are allowed to flow in whatever direction they choose, and the haircut matches his sense of fashion. This is the same haircut that George Clooney put his mark on for quite a long time. This style tends to be neat and refined. However, you can give it some edge by spiking it up with some hair product.

2. Side Quiff Hairstyle

Keep the style flat all around your head. If you want some more edge to your Mature mens hairstyles, you can have the sides undercut. Keep the top longer, and spike it up or wear it back as a pompadour. Trim your beard to match the length of the hair at the sides and back of your head. If you do, keep your hair shorter. You can create interest by working wax Mature mens hairstyles the ends and spiking them in different directions.

This style is perfectly groomed. The edge of that contrasts sharply with the fade on the sides. We see so many beards on older men these days. However, you can go clean shaven with just a moustache above the lip. There are many trendy styles for moustaches in Buzzing your hair is easy to do. You can go to the barber shop, or do it at home. Keep your curls tamed with a moisturizing hair product that adds some gloss. You can even do this if you have a receding hairline. This style is balanced, so it grows out nicely in between cuts.

If you have lush, thick hair, keep it longer while you still can. Style it away from your face to show off the salt-and-pepper color at the temples. If your wavy hair is thinning, you might not have a lot of texture. Give the top some body with a slight wave. Significant choppiness on the top of the head can create an aura of thickness. Work hair powder or dry shampoo into the roots to prevent this hairstyle from falling flat. Dark hair stands out from the crowd as you get older, so you might as well make the most of it.

Long layers frame the face and look great with a beard or goatee. Your thin, soft strands Mature mens hairstyles laid-back when you just let them be. The front is directed upwards, and the rest of it is textured for a low-key look. His glowing skin makes him look even more rugged.

African Americans with long hair are stunning with graying dreadlocks. Not every older man has gray or white hair. Maybe you still have that thick shock of a black mane.

Enhance it by slicking it back gently with a pomade. You can leave some height at the top.