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Palette taste buds


Discussion in ' English Only ' started by jdAug 14, Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. If I'm talking about my taste palette, would I be wrong to use the following: I need to clear my palette. My taste palette has dull.

Touch your tongue to the...

How can I wash this onion taste off my palette? Would it be incorrect to use palate which means the roof of your mouth in any of the sentences?

Our final sentence describes Baltimoreans'...

Is "taste palette" part of the english language? Is "taste palette" technically two words? Palette taste buds spelling you want is "Palate": Monteleone Member Canada, English.

Actually, "palate" is correct when taking about taste. The word "palette" is a small flat surface you may have seen painters artists use to mix their paint colours.

It also refers generally to a range of colours example: Any other "palette" meanings? I believe that " clean the palate " is actually the term more commonly used.

Your question, however, brings to mind "Palette taste buds" term "palate cleanser" example: I'm not sure what is meant by this sentence. Perhaps you mean to speak of "taste buds" instead?

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