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The Biogeography of Gulo gulo wolverine. Gulo gulo in snow. Taxonomic Classification of Gulo gulo Linnaeus, The Wolverine is a tremendous character. Wolverines have thick bushy coats, hairy soles, broad heads, short furry ears, and curved, semi-retractile claws Figure 1. They are generally a deep, blackish-brown color with a band of pale chestnut beginning on each shoulder and meeting near the tail; the throat and chest often are marked by large white patches Seton There is sexual dimorphism in the animal, with typical females weighing pounds and males weighing up to 45 pounds Jameson and Peeters They have a compact, powerful build and carry the head and tail Gulo s tale online dating than their arched back.

Wolverine have powerful jaws, and their teeth are sharp and strong enough to chew through bone and frozen carrion Sleeper Apparently their deep growls Gulo s tale online dating rumbling vocalizations are quite ferocious-sounding. Stuebner notes that they are equipped with grizzly bear-like vocal cords that serve as a defensive bluffing device for scaring away larger predators. The elusive wolverine inhabits tundra, remote mountains, and boreal forests.

They generally inhabit areas at or above timberline, oftentimes preferring lower-elevation forests during winter Thelander According to Weaver, Pawuet, and Ruggiero the wolverine is the least studied of the large carnivores. Major information gaps exist in the scientific study of this animal. Basic information on wolverine habitat relationships is almost non-existent. Ecological factors that may limit wolverine distribution include climate, the availability of relatively undisturbed taiga and tundra, and prey density.

Wilson notes that the wolverine is most at home in regions with snow on the ground throughout winter. They are morphologically well-suited to hunting in the snow and may rely heavily on this advantage during severe winters. While the Mustelidae have a cosmopolitan distribution, Gulo can be found only in the Holarctic region. Wolverines are stenotopic animals, extremely sensitive to--and intolerant of--a number of environmental factors Verts ; Hornocker and Hash Their range contracted northward with the advance of European settlement into historically occupied wolverine habitat.

Remnant populations are believed to inhabit today only the higher elevation habitats in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, and possibly Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, and California Sleeper According to Vertsthe critical component of modern day wolverine habitat is the absence of human activity and development.

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