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Why am i still in love with him


It may feel like you just need more time to heal. Being honest with yourself is the first step. You constantly have to fight the urge to act on these thoughts by calling or texting him. In order to save your sanity, you spend your life dodging these emotional landmines. Your heart is literally not in it. If no other guy can measure up, you have some work to do to get over your ex before you can get back out there.

But it’s okay to still...

This relates to no other guys being able to measure up. The question is, was any of that real? If, on the other hand, you see the relationship realistically and you remember his flaws and the bad things about the relationship -— the things that caused you to break up -— you can begin healing. Are they sick of hearing you talk about it? If they thought you were onto something, going through a thought process that was going to be helpful, or engaging in productive analysis about what happened so you could move forward, your friends would be all in, doing everything they could to help you get there.


You scrutinize all his social media behavior. Has he followed any new girls lately? If he does, then you stalk the girl too, determined to know exactly who she is and what her relationship to him is. Every gift he gave, every card he wrote, and any memento of him or your time together is now sacred to you and will never be disposed of. The key is, when you get rid of relationship keepsakes, there should generally be a calm and peaceful feeling about it.

When something reminds you of him, you may feel a pang in your chest, a painful ache. This is the pain of longing, of having an emptiness and a void deep inside that he used to fill. Basically, the pain when you think of him transcends the emotional and becomes physical.

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