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Intimate oral sex


Yeah, oral sex is totally more intimate and personal It actually feels a lot harder for me, anyway to have oral sex with someone than to have regular sex because with oral sex, the giving of pleasure is an incredibly conscious decision. Regular sex is too, but in a different way--when people are horny, they have sex.

When people are in love or likethey choose Intimate oral sex incorporate oral sex into their sex or have it alone, of "Intimate oral sex." I understand the other side of it, but I don't think it's very reasonable. Most of them are virgins, or find a lot of meaning in regular sex. With experienced people, though, I would think that most if not all of them find oral sex to be more intimate. I would say Oral is more intimate. I dated a girl that fessed up that she cheated on me.

She told me everything that happened and I decided to work it out. Later, I found out that it wasn't just a one night stand like she said.

I found out that she had giving him oral more then once. That hurt me more then when I found out they had sex. I guess because with sex, there's sexual pleasure for both people. With oral, she was actually going out of her way to get on her knee, blow him and take his load with no physical pleasure to herself.

With sex I could picture her just laying there not enjoying, but with oral if she was the one doing the sex act. I don't know, they are both VERY intimate acts.

That was just my personal exp. That's absolutely "Intimate oral sex" for me, and I'm not sure why. It's not that Intimate oral sex don't enjoy it.

I DO enjoy it when I choose to do it.

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I've only given oral to half of the guys I've slept with, and not to any that I hadn't already been intimate with, or wasn't planning to be intimate with later on.

On so many levels, oral sex is by far more intimate. That's one reason why I love it so much more than "straight" sex. It is more careful and dedicated and intentional if that makes any sense.

Oral sex is more intimate for sure. It's something that you're giving to another person so you would really have to want to do it for them.

The person giving can also feel like they are in a Intimate oral sex position because of the pleasure they are giving to the other and that the person they are giving to is in a submissive position. Intimate oral sex part of the appeal to many girls. You are completely in charge and the guy is totally into it more than pretty much anything else.

It's not something I would give to just any guy though for sure. I am much more selective about what I put in my mouth and I'd have to really like the guy to do this too. For me, I would say regular.

My theory is that by getting there, the girl is submitting to the fact she is taking on receiving my sperm and the potential of having my child even with protection, that door is always open. As well, that is the "Intimate oral sex" place I have found a level of spiritual connection that has transcended is greater than having the orgasm.

Oral is nice and fun, though. I agree with you, but seems like the majority thinks oral is more intimate. I think intercourse is far more intimate, maybe because I had all other forms of sexual contact for years before I did the deed. I look at it this way, kissing is quite intimate but never seems to be compared to anything sexual. Which is more intimate or personal? Oral Sex or Actual Sex itself?

I've heard from a few girls that they believe that Oral Sex is more intimate and personal than regular sex itself stating that they would be much more selective with whom they would do that with than with sex. Do you find this to be true?

What are your opinions? Is oral sex on a whole different level or almost to a point where you'd only do that for someone you really had Intimate oral sex deep bond or feelings for? I've also noticed that others see it the other way around.

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