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Celibacy in a sexually active relationship

Sex is considered a vital...

If children as young as nine years are engaging in pre-marital sex, what is it nowadays? The practice of celibacy in many relationships is not there anymore because the society has influenced it. Couples want to test before they get to the altar and to be sure both are good. Some ladies want to know if his stick will satisfy her, men want to know if she is good enough to leave him helpless and the list is endless.

Sex is considered a vital...

Before you start testing one another, you need to know that waiting until marriage is a covenant honoring God with your marriage. You should not see your partner as a toy car or as an object, they are more valuable than that! Below are the reasons you need to wait until marriage: As a couple, you need to know your HIV status and if there are any infections that are present before it results in something else.

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