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Asexual flag


I mean could we not just be a little creative here. Here is "Asexual flag" picture of the asexual flag: And here is the homosexual flag: Ours is the same except with duller more boring colors, sure there is a better more creative design for our flag.

Well, it is kind of like how asexuals are Asexual flag for glorifying celibacy even though obviously we aren't Additionally, black, gray, and white is monochromatic, and therefore how we are able to justly say we are all the same color inferring that we are all human but yet different shades different lifestyles, sexualities, genders, et cetera.

In a way, the similarity to the gay pride flag could be interpreted as intentional. We are expressing diversity in a similar, yet different way. I really like the flag, but I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To each their own! I seem to remember reading the thread where the ace flag was decided, and the similarity with the gay pride as well as all other pride flags was one of the reasons this design was chosen.

Also, it doesn't look Asexual flag any country's flag, and has no negative connotations. Asexual flag flag was first posted online here and the decision process occurred as so: I wasn't excited about the flag when I first saw it but it's grown on me. After finding those threads and seeing how long they all are I doubt something with so much effort and decision into it would be decided twice!

I don't think I'd support changing it either because once a symbol has been taken up for visibility it's confusing and dilutes the "brand", so to speak.

Wasn't there that one picture on dA with all the flags, and heterosexuality was just black and Asexual flag Not "Asexual flag" how accurate it was in the grand scheme of things, but it certainly seems the Asexuality Flag could be a great deal more dull than it is.

I really dig our flag, it could be deemed a bit ' boring ,' but, as Asexual flag have said; the symbolism makes it a keeper. Not only do I really like the symbolism, but the color combination is one of my favorites, as well. I have always like the color purple, as well as black and its chromatic shades, so the ace flag being my favorite colors got me SUPER excited when I first discovered it.

I wear a series of wristbands that make up the colors of the ace flag on my left wrist. I think the flag would like a joke if there was a picture of a cake on it. I messed around with all the flags, I'd found lately and made this last night: The reason for making this was to show all the flags that exist, and not just show the ones connected to sexual orientation and gender identity. If you really want to pick one out for being "boring" to look at, feast your eyes on the last one That said, I myself like the asexual flag for the choice of colours and for the symbolism - I don't want a new flag.

I really like the Asexual flag. It's meaningful, and comforting, and easy to Asexual flag, and the "Asexual flag" are reasonable enough that you can make a Asexual flag design using all of them without it looking like a six year old went a bit trigger happy with a paint set.

At "Asexual flag" I really didn't like it, I don't really like any of the colours, but it's grown on me like some kind of goth fungus: It's easy for the creatively-challenged to draw and easy to recognise.

Asexuality is the lack of...

I have similar Asexual flag about the aromantic flag but the point where I liked that was when I realised it was like a pack of jellybeans. I think that, my dislike for the colours aside, the ace flag is very meaningful and has become a significant symbol for us: Heh, I don't really think it needs to be all that different from the gay flag. After all they're both sexuality flags, so the fact that they share similarities in this case, the striping is actually a good thing.

I think it's pretty okay myself, I like it. For those who didn't know, the four colours represent asexuality black "Asexual flag," the grey area greysexuality whiteand the asexual community purple respectively.

It probably does not have cake because that would Asexual flag the stereotype that all asexuals love cake. I do not like cake at all and it would be unfair to me that everybody would assume I love cake.

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