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Married two months want divorce


Like does this happen?

I was not perfect either, and we just experienced a lot of negative situations. However, we had been truely dedicated to each other and always tried to make it better.


I got caught up in the idea of marriage and wedding planning. I told him my feelings and it was just kind of brushed under.

This question of why couples...

I knew I needed time for myself and was not ready. But as most brides say, how could they cancel the wedding? The embarassment, the money, etc. I feel I have had this revelation it was not right. I am dying and do not know what to do.

Part of me thinks what if he is the one, and I let him go, and no one compares?

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Am I making a mistake letting him go? I have told him my feelings, and he is devestated, however he will not let me go, will not even do a month seperation trial or anything. He brings it up almost everyday causing arguments. I knew on the honeymoon that I had made a giant mistake.

I felt such grief and overwhelming panic and I sympathize with you so much. I stayed for five years trying to make it right and honestly I resented my life a lot. I kick myself all the time because I wish I had just not gotten married at all or at least had just gotten it anulled right away instead of dragging it out and trying to make do.

If you know, you know. Sit somewhere, close your eyes, meditate on it and see what it is you really feel. If you feel that you made a mistake you will need to gather every ounce of courage and strength to separate for a bit and find a support system.

During a separation you will really be able to evaluate your feelings I think, and whether or not you want to keep the marriage going. If you want, you can pm me. Reading this note…makes me think that you need to find someone who Married two months want divorce you and is willing to counsel you. I second the relationship therapist idea. It sounds like you have a lot to work through in your relationship.

I too am really sorry that you are going through this…. I have also been there and done that. I married my first husband after only knowing him for 6 months. I knew while I was doing it that it was a bad idea but I really wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Except to do some soul searching and do what is best for you, even if it really is difficult. Not one of my finer moments. It is easy to get caught up in the vision of how you want things to be and what they really are. Try to stay calm Married two months want divorce think rationally — many of the bees here have offered some excellent suggestions. I Married two months want divorce with my sig other for 20 years, many of them miserable, while waiting for things to improve.

Basically, I could make one of two suggestions right now. I could also suggest that you are completely correct in being afraid that you are in over your head and should get out. I dont have any answers for you and dont know what to say…but as PP have said…this DOES happen so dont feel like you are the only one. I agree that talking to someone is a good next step.

You need to figure out exactly what you want. Maybe some time away would clear your head.

Good luck in whatever you choose…my thoughts are with you. Just my 2 cents: We only have one life.

We have tried couples therapy...

Professional help might ensure that you make the best decision. Best wishes my dear! Turned out his parents opened cards in his name and maxed them out. His credit score was like a We were fighting constantly and I felt like we made a huge "Married two months want divorce." I knew we were headed for a divorce and was working out my exit strategy.

It was a tough 1. To end an already too long story I never left because things got better. We came out of the storm and are better for it.

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