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Changzhou city jiangsu


Changzhou is located in Jiangsu province in southeast China with a population of over 4 million. It Changzhou city jiangsu only 50 minutes away from Shanghai by rapid train, and 4 hours and 40 minutes away from Beijing, the capital of China. Changzhou is connected by air to 20 major cities in China as well as the major cities in Southeast Asian countries.

Changzhou ranks high-up in the country in the index of security, good investment environment, and evolving development.

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In a city with a history of almost years, you can expect to see many historical sites and a well-preserved environment. The Museum of Changzhou Intangible Heritage, which is located in the library of Changzhou University, offers an amazing exhibition of intangible culture items of Changzhou, which enables visitors to gain a deeper insight into the local life.

A typical old Changzhou Changzhou city jiangsu road, home for many famous Changzhou people like Zhou Youguang, the Father of Pinyin. Films have also been recorded there.

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It has been preserved under the order of the municipality as historical site. Changzhou is highly famous for its delicate bamboo combs, especially the White Elephant Changzhou city jiangsu which is a years old Time Honored Brand. Combs also come in different types of wood and is often shaped into the Four Great Beauties of China. Do visit The Great Wall of Changzhou in downtown. One of the highest Buddhist pagodas in China and next to it is a typical traditional Chinese park where old people play chess or Taichi in the morning.

It is named after the famous poet Dongpo who considered Changzhou as his home.

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Also try the dish of Dongpo Pork, a favourite for those who like braised pork. Located in Xinbei District, entrance is for free and for those curious about the history of Changzhou, it's the place to Changzhou city jiangsu.

There are Chinese art exhibitions often held as well. It is the nearest theme park to our campus, and costs about RMB for a regular ticket.

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A national 5A park with dinosaurs as main theme. The water park is open during summertime with an additional ticket at RMB School of Pharmaceutical Enginee School of Mathematics and Physic showcases the beautiful Changzhou city of the Jiangsu province.

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