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Rsd tinder


Some of you may have come across the name Julien Blanc in the past few days. You can see our entire interaction here: A few weeks go by and my roommate receives the same opening message on Rsd tinder Several weeks Rsd tinder that, a friend of mine comes across a screen grab of the exact same message posted on Facebook, but in Hebrew! The more time I spent researching Julien, the more angry and upset I became.

Taken directly from his Facebook page where he flaunts his ability to pick up women:.

This is "Rsd tinder" all one big joke to Julien. So far, Julien and his RSD minions have been banned from 5 different hotels, all thanks to the uproar caused by the hashtag. Originally posted by denysedidit. Finally, my last two relationships started on tinder so I think there are some good ones out there hiding deep in the jungle of douchebags.

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